Lenevo and NFL

Lenovo NFL Co-branding

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The NFL relies on technology and reliable hardware solutions to operate many facets of its business, from ensuring players’ health and safety to analyzing game footage, to carrying out day-to-day duties at the league’s headquarters in New York City. In 2007, the NFL turned to Lenovo to help serve the needs of its various departments with its innovative products, including workstations, desktops, and ThinkPad PCs.


As an extension of that relationship, Lenovo entered into a marketing partnership with the NFL in 2012—becoming the official computer provider for the league—and in 2015, Lenovo became a server provider for the league as well. Virsitil worked with Lenovo to create a series of communications, combining the Lenovo and NFL brands into one winning, inspiring brand experience.



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Lenovo and NFL