Caleb Hutchinson

Digital Marketing Lead

Caleb is an experienced digital marketing professional and a recognized leader in the industry. He brings expertise in PPC, SEO, influencer marketing, email marketing, NFT marketing, and emerging technologies.  With a strong track record, Caleb is known for comprehensive digital marketing strategies that drive exceptional results for clients.

He’s managed numerous influential marketing campaigns, leveraging influencers to boost brand awareness.  Utilizing email marketing platforms like, Mailchimp, and Klayvio, he excels at creating targeted campaigns that drive conversions.  Caleb also stays ahead of emerging trends, mastering Meta and ChatGPT/SEO to optimize online visibility and engagement.

With a BA degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing emphasis, from Brigham Young University-Idaho, Caleb combines a solid foundation in marketing principles with extensive digital marketing expertise.  He’s a forward-thinking professional, pushing boundaries in the industry and consistently creating unique brand experiences.


Amazon Business, Jeeves, spot, Ruby Love, Super Great, Veterans First Mortgage, Wintrust Mortgage, Merkle,